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History of the club - from the founding to the present days

Formal data:

 Name: Modelářský Klub SMČR č. 240 APOLO Kopřivnice
 Id. No. of organization: 70640769
 Address: Dům dětí a mládeže Kopřivnice,
Kpt. Jaroše 1077, Kopřivnice, 742 21
 Phone: +420 603 579 530
 Chairman: Dušan Ritz
 Comitee-man: Ondřej Škarka
 Comitee-man: Jiří Jan
 Official e-mail: modelklub.apolo@seznam.cz
 Official www pages: https://www.apolokoprivnice.cz
 Official photoalbum: https://apolokoprivnice.rajce.net
 Official Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MK-Apolo-Koprivnice/156426951074768
 No. of members in 2015: 39 (within 8 under the age of 19 and 1 honor member)


History of the club founding:

One's day, messieurs Pavel Šenk, his brother Milan Šenk and their college Petr Koliba had decided on Václav Langer's and Roman Kresta's impulses to estabilish a modellers' club. You know: there already was a modellers' club in Kopřivnice but some time after its founding, the concern about membership has weaken and the club has "died". That was why they wanted to renew the tradition of modellers' meetings. Because of that, they asked Zdeněk Tvrzník - the chairman of the Model Club TORA Příbor - and he gave them a contact on the SMČR to register their new club. After enregistrationing the "APOLO" modellers' club, assigning registration numbers and receiving necessary documents, they addressed modellers from Kopřivnice and other neighbouring regions (Štramberk, Lubina) to join the club . This all had happenned from October to December in 2000. On December they come-together as a complete club team. They sent informations about members together with membership fee for year 2001 on SMČR.

Since the 1st January, 2001, they highly begun their first historical club season of the Model Club no. 240 APOLO Kopřivnice. Full number of members was 19, therefrom only 1 child under eighteen. 

10 years later, chariman Pavel Šenk and Comitee-man Milan Šenk has quit the club's comitee on their own demand. During the Members' meeting on 5th January 2011, the new club comitee has been elected. The chairman was Dušan Ritz, Comitee-men were Petr Koliba and Roman Kresta. Jaromír Hruškovský as Comitee-supervisor and Libor Špůrek as Secretary helped them with their work for the club. The club's residence is from this day House of children and Youths of Kopřivnice (Dům dětí a mládeže Kopřivnice).

On 4th February 2015 the new club comitee has been elected. The chairman nowdays i Dušan Ritz, Comitee-men are Ondřej Škarka and Jiří Jan.

 What we do, our specialization

From the work of our club:

- our general sight is to support and promote modeling sport in the Czech Republic

- we cooperate with other model clubs in the Czech Republic

- our members "teach" children and youths to make models in DDM Kopřivnice (House of children and Youths of Kopřivnice)


- we make plastic and paper (cut-out) models

- we take part in many competitions and shows

- we publicize in some modeling magazines and on internet (Modelář, Revi, ARC)


What models do we build?

- Airplanes 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32

- Helicopters 1/72, 1/48

- Tanks, AFV and civillian vehicles 1/87, 1/72, 1/35

- Cars 1/32, 1/24

- Figures and busts of any scale

- Ships (motorized and sailing vessels) of any scale

- Cut-out (paper card) models of any scale